Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Visit to the Strong Museum - A Sneak Preview

I'm writing from my husband's laptop after a day at the Strong Museum. Our original reason for taking this trip was for me to see the Izannah Walker dolls there. But really, the museum is an oustanding children's museum and would be worth a trip to go with the kids. My kids had a great time there. It is set up with lots of interactive areas but they have thoughtfully included niches here and there that are great for taking a break, reading a book, etc.

In the afternoon my husband took the kids while I spent hours visiting in the antique doll collection area. Taking pictures through glass is definitely a challenge. I experimented and by the end was able to come up with some techniques to help get rid of the glare. Digital cameras are such a wonderful invention - you can see what's working right then! Patricia Hogan, one of the curators at the Strong National Museum of Play, graciously took some time to answer a few of my questions about the dolls. She had arranged to have a couple of the Izannah dolls brought out of storage and shown au naturel so that I could try to get construction details. The Strong Museum has graciously allowed me to post some pictures of the Izannah Walker dolls here. So keep checking in the coming weeks - after I edit the pictures I'll be posting some here.

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