Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Izannah Walker!

If Izannah were alive today, I would give her a gift for her birthday. But what to give? A piece of land? She owned property, but no. That's a personal decision. A lifetime supply of stockinette? Nah, that's too business-like. But you know what I enjoy that Izannah didn't? The right to vote as a woman. So if I could wrap up suffrage in a custom artist-made box, that would be my gift to her. Because it is independent women like Izannah who worked to give women the rights we enjoy today - to own property, to vote, to have a voice in the shaping of our society.

1 comment:

  1. The perfect gift Dix! Could you imagine what she would think, in knowing that a woman was running for president??? Or with a man for vice president???
    And since you are giving her sufferage......I think I would give her PAINT. We forget that paint was a har thing to come by, and many artists MADE their own from pigments and I would give her a trip to an artist supply store!


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