The Wonderful Primitive Izannah Walker Doll at Lucy's Doll House

This past Friday I took a drive down to Lucy's Doll House in Camden. It is always so much fun to go, but especially fun for me as they have another Izannah in the house. It's about an hour and a half from me, but would be worth a cross-country trip. Sharp eyes will know where this doll was acquired from. I was able to get some pictures, and take some measurements of her, which is wonderful. This doll is for sale at Lucy's Dollhouse. While I was there I also took a peek at the wonderful Columbian doll they have, and the sweetest little Babyland Rag.

Here are pictures of the Izannah doll - courtesy of Lucy's Doll House and my camera. :-)

This sweet primitive doll
had 4 layers of clothing on:
her dress, an embroidered white underdress,
a petticoat and a chemise and pair of pantaloons.

Lucy's Doll House
is located in Camden, Maine.


  1. How wonderful, Dixie! I love the patina of age and you can just imagine all the little hands she has passed through.

    When I am in the USA next year I'm going to have to make an effort to see some of these dolls 'in the flesh' - I have only ever seen pictures.


  2. Hi Dixie, lovely photos of the Izannah Walker Doll at Lucy's Dollhouse. I just love that shop, it's about and hour and 1/2 drive for me too but worth the trip even if you don't buy a doll.



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