Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frances Walker, Collector

Today I began putting a list together to thank all the people who have shared images of Izannah Walker dolls and articles about Izannah Walker dolls. Please see the list to the left. This is an ongoing task, and I will continue to add to it. Listing these made me think about how collectors, museums, auction companies and shops contribute to the preservation of these wonderful dolls, and to the history of our country. And also how all of these have contributed to the development of this site dedicated to learning about Izannah Walker dolls. You all have shared in large pixel ways. Thank you.

I learned about Frances Walker, who is quoted in the article above, from another collector who remembers seeing her first Izannah Walker doll at the auction of Frances Walker's collection. The article above was posted in the St. Petersburg Times in 1972, and quotes Frances Walker.

Of course, seeing that Frances had the last name of Walker gives rise to the question of how Frances' family might have been connected to Izannah's. Click the image above to go to the Google News site where you can read the article at full size.

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