Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update on Reuben Bates' Molds - Monica Bessette to the Rescue!

Monica Bessette is an incredible treasure trove of information about anything related to Izannah Walker.  After I asked the question "Where are Reuben Bates' molds?" Monica emailed me and said they are owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society.  So I emailed Kirsten Hammerstrom, who replied 
"We do own doll head molds made by Reuben Bates. We have two, one of a female and male face, but not the back or cranium side if the molds. The accession numbers are 1987.29.1A, the female mold and 1987.29.1B, the male."
Unfortunately the Rhode Island Historical Society is in the middle of a renovation which has necessitated moving many items, and so so they will not be able to accommodate a research visit for some time to come. But now we know where they are, at least. 


  1. Dixie, every time I find a new posting from your blog I get speechless and unable to write any comment, I stay in state of awe... But this time I want to write and thank you for all of your work, and specially for preserving Izannah history. THANKS A LOT!!!

  2. NICE!!!!!! Thank You Dixie and Monica!!!!!

  3. What exciting news! I'd love to see those molds.


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