Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Tintypes and Daguerrotypes

The photo above looks a lot like the picture of Miss Mary on the cover of Antique Doll Collector. The doll above might be a papier mache doll, but those arms look an awful lot like Izzy arms. Hard to tell. Click here to see the image above in a larger format of the picture above.

I found this image in Mirror Image Gallery's Flickr - there is an amazing album of tintypes of children with toys.


  1. She DOES look a lot like Miss Mary, however I think this is a papier mache doll with teeth, and her arms appear to be brown leather. Her hairline seems a bit high for Izannahs. But ya never know!

    All in all, this image is eye candy, and I love looking at it.

  2. I think she's a papier mache doll, too. But the dress is so similar to Teresa's Izannah carte de visite. It's a bit uncanny. But fun even if she's a PM. ;-)



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