Saturday, March 31, 2012

Izannah Walker Type Doll
at Sandwich Auction House

Usually I do not talk about "Izannah Walker type" dolls here, because often they are not in any way comparable. That's not the case with this doll. There are so many aspects of the Izannah "type" doll that are similar to antique Izannah Walker dolls, that this doll is worth sharing pictures of here. On the back of the shoulderplate is written "patent applied for".   Is this a transitional doll from early Izannahs to the later post patent dolls.  The pencil writing could have been added at any time - from the time she was created to a recent collector's note.

What do you think of her?

You can see pictures of the other doll to be auctioned, which is an Izannah Walker doll, here

More Pictures of Izannah Walker Doll
at Sandwich Auction House


Saturday, April 21, 2012

UPDATE - The hammer price for this doll was $4,800.

I emailed Sandwich Auction House for additional pictures to share here and they kindly sent along these large sized images.   

And here she is again in her wonderful polka-dotted dress:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Did Izannah Use House Paint for Her Dolls?

I've been using Sherwin Williams' Chip-it application to study colors in all kinds of images, and recently thought to use the application to study Izannah's flesh tones.   Of course, this is a study of pictures and not the actual dolls, so what you're getting is how the flesh tone reads in the photograph.  But it's still interesting to see, and might give some ideas for mixing colors.  

Do you think Izannah use house paints as a base for her dolls, as many early doll makers did?  Visit my Izannah Pinterest board for more combinations.... 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

JD Conwell Dolls Shares Pictures
of a Beautiful Izannah Walker Doll

Click the picture
to see more!
Jan Conwell, the artist behind JD Conwell Dolls, has joined the ranks of those inspired by Izannah Walker and is studying Izannah's work intently. Jan recently got to visit this original antique Izannah Walker doll. I used a small image because I want you to visit Jan's blog to see the images in full. 

Thank you to Jan and the collector who shared this beautiful doll.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Izannah Walker Doll Flesh Tones

Almost a year ago, I visited Withington's to take pictures of Izannah dolls would be auctioning.  Larry and Marcia arranged for another wonderful Izannah doll to visit while I was there - the lovely Ella, shown above at left, with two other Izannah friends.  I thought it would be interesting to compare skin tones for Izannah Walker dolls from pictures I've taken.  Now, this isn't exact, because of course the light and the camera affects color.  But since it's what we've got, let's try, shall we?

Ella hair and flesh tone sample above.  

I always called this first Izannah doll I've seen the "pretty Izannah".  
Of course they're all pretty, but she is especially sweet.  

"Pretty Izannah's" flesh tone, cropped and magnified.

This doll in red stole my heart!  
I loved her so much. 

Her skin tone seemed to have less peach in it. 

The girl above is quite interesting, 
and her white dress accentuates her complexion.  
Here's a closeup below:

Well, there you have it.  A sampling of Izannah Walker Doll flesh tones.  

The Izannah Walker Chronicles is Four Years Old

As of January 1, 2008, the Izannah Walker Chronicles turned four years old.  That's four years of content from trips to take photos of original Izannah Walker dolls with the permission of shop and auction companies.    I've spent my own money and time to travel and do this. I have not placed ads on this site, and share what I've learned and pictures I'm able to take as a service to those who love antique  Izannah Walker dolls and those who enjoy making dolls inspired by Izannah Walker Dolls.    

Recently I found the contents of the past few posts of this blog have been scraped (stolen) and reposted on a scraping site.   This makes me sad, as I have never placed ads on this site and the scraped site is doing it for revenue.  I will be reposting those and will now make an effort to watermark all the photos in the future.

So a gentle reminder.....if it doesn't say Izannah Walker Chronicles up top, then click here to this link to go to the right site -

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