Withington's to Auction TWO Izannah Walker Dolls

Withington Auctions will be offering TWO Izannah Walker dolls at their August 21/22 auction.  They sent the following images of the dolls, please contact Withington's for more information. 

The follwing doll measures 16 1/2 inches in height. 

Morphy Auctions Presents Izannah Walker Doll

Morphy Auctions will be presenting this 18" Izannah Walker doll at auction on March 22nd.  

Read more about the auction click here.   

Read the full description of this Izannah Walker doll here.  

The auction estimate is $9,000 - $12,000.  

Izannah Walker Dolls at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

image by Debbie Barlow, courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum
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provided courtesey of Debbie Barlow and the Whaling Museum

Doll maker Debbie Barlow was able to take pictures of Izannah Walker Dolls at the New Bedford Whaling Museum courtesy of the museum. The museum has given Debbie permisison to share the images online for those who study Izannah Walker Dolls. They've been uploaded at this Pinterest board for your pleasure, courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum and via Debbie Barlow's generosity. Debbie makes marvelous creations and her contact is dbstudio@shaw.ca 

More Images of the large Izannah Walker Doll

Today I drove to James D. Julia's auction house to take images of the large 27" Izannah Walker doll which will be auctioned on November 22nd.  I have personally documented over 15 Izannah Walker dolls to date with detailed photographs.   It was interesting seeing a very large Izannah Walker doll, as most of the dolls I've seen have been between 15 and 21 inches in length.  

The large sized dolls have a totally different feel.  All images are copyright Dixie Redmond 2013,  courtesy of James D. Julia, Inc. Many more images have been uploaded here in my Picasa album.

courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.
Her body shape is very interesting, with a narrower waist than many Izannah dolls have.  It kind of reminds me of Queen Ann doll bodies in shape.  

image courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.copyright 2013 Dixie Redmond

James Julia to Auction 27" Izannah Walker Doll

image courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.

James Julia will be offering a
large 27" Izannah Walker doll 
at their November 22, 2013 auction.

On Monday I will be going to visit this doll in person.

To see other items in the auction, 
visit the auction highlights page here:

Highlights of James Julia's November 22nd Auction
image courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.


Please email me if you have information, pictures, sources, etc. about original Izannah Walker dolls. The goal of this site is to be a free clearinghouse of information for Izannah doll lovers. Copyright of pictures published on this site are retained by the collector, museum, or artist etc, who took the picture.

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